Architectural drafting services in Sydney: Tips to hire them

After you have finally decided that you are going to build your dream home, there are several things to do. Erecting a building is not by any means an easy feat which is why there are several steps to follow. Before laying a single brick, you will need to obtain permissions and building a permit from the local council. But to grant these permits, they will need to see your house plans.

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Architectural Services

We are offer Architectural drafting services in Sydney area for:

  • Architects – All types drafting services, Development Proposals, Preparation Development Applications
  • Real Estate Agencies – Sale, Lease Documentation Presentation
  • Builders
  • Fire protection companies
  • All Construction Trades – Alterations and Additions
  • Tenants – Concept Design, Technical Inspection of buildings
  • Private sector – Presale Documentation Preparation