About us

Construction Trades Estimating in Sydney



Born in Ukraine, I graduated University of Architects in 2010, where I got my Master’s Degree in Architecture and Design. While I was studying, I was involved in working with a team of architects and designers and created many many projects for residential, commercial and industrial sector in a variety of different sizes in Ukraine, Russia and Poland.

Between the ages of 22 and 25, when my father was CEO of an architectural company he led a fantastic team of architects who worked on big projects in Poland and Russia. He use to take me in business trips and that is when my love of architecture begun. I loved the feeling of creating something that would impact people’s lives and change the cityscape of where it was built. This feeling still inspires me today.

I arrived in Australia in 2013 and worked in few architectural firms and learned a great deal about Australia’s Building Code and other local architectural requirements.

Based in Sydney, I have been working for over 5 years and have played a key role in a number of commercial and residential projects across Australia. This involves me screening all incoming contracts with Sydney architectural firms, builders and real estate agents ensuring short turnaround to ensure the working process is efficient and delivering effective solutions.

I have collaborated closely with the Architectural Design Studio Pty Ltd where one of the owners constantly delivers high standards, which has helped me maintain my passion for architecture and estimating, and willingness to make positive difference in people’s lives.


I do what I do every day because I love to do it, it comes from my heart, I give it to the world and I receive it back. I realised it a long time ago, estimating business is my sphere, make it work and I have opportunity to give a part of me to this world. It makes me the happiest person in the world. Creation of estimating and architectural business was my dream, my idea, and I feel fulfilled when I am doing all work from the first step to the next level from one project to another. Work with estimations gives me energy to wake up at 5 am in the morning and make steps for future with passion and help others.


More than 3 years ago I have got a positive feedback from my customer and I felt that I was on the right way, on my way, after that one of my friends asked me: “Andrii why don’t you do it more seriously?” it was my hobby and I didn’t believe in it as some kind of business and it was not profitable because there was a big competition on the market. I thought I need more skills and I had been looking for other businesses, but I always had a feeling that I need to start from what I have and now that’s why I have created my small estimating business and in 2014 and continue expand our range of services with joy and fulfilment.


The difference and speciality of our business is B2B providing service directed to Construction Trades companies which do: formwork, concrete, bricklaying, blockwork, hydraulic, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, plasterboard, painting, rendering, tiling and many more different trades companies. Our business will be helpful for companies which struggling with limited amount of time and resources. Our main estimating software: PlanSwift, BlueBeam, AutoCad


This service can help construction trades companies to finalise their quotes for tenders on time with reasonable investment of money and great quality.

I love my Team people which I have found 13 years ago. This Team pushes me and asks me for challenge this is Epic Team of Estimators! We love what we do and love our clients.

There are many Tradesmans looking for experienced Estimators, and if you need real help right now, please, contact us we are creating long-term win-win relationships.